Mistress of the Feast Species

Base Species

Trounces around Niflheim jiggling her big fat bottom during the month of November.

Miscellaneous Information

Weapon TypeOther
Artist QSheep
"Stealable" Item Z. Turkey Stuffing
Kin Construct
Category July Collectable

July Collectables can be acquired from a special event shop only available during July. They produce items and offer battle capabilities similar to Limited Edition Soul Puppets. There's a 1/5 chance one of these creatures will be Superb.

Attribute Information

HP380 EP220 STR60 VIT70
MGC120 RES80 DEX100 SPD80
BTS WHT100 GenderF Style Hidden ?
fire0 % water0 % light0 % dark0 %
earth30 % wind-30 %