Flying Pasta Monster Species

Base Species

Deity of an offshoot Pastafarian cult, this noodly creature is empowered by both the hunger and desire for pleasure of its followers. If you too believe in the ways of these people, than placing a colander on your head may bring you good luck, as well as a chance to be touched by the noodly appendages of this benevolently delicious being.

Miscellaneous Information

Weapon TypeGlove
Artist Ignis
"Stealable" Item Salad Bowl
Kin Construct
Category July Collectable

July Collectables can be acquired from a special event shop only available during July. They produce items and offer battle capabilities similar to Limited Edition Soul Puppets. There's a 1/5 chance one of these creatures will be Superb.

Attribute Information

HP360 EP240 STR60 VIT90
MGC90 RES110 DEX60 SPD100
BTC WHT130 GenderF Style Hidden ?
fire5 % water5 % light5 % dark5 %
earth5 % wind5 %