Cat Brawler Species

Base Species

Dee stood victorious in the final round of the 16th Iron Fist Tournament. Her partners cheered her on from the stands, disregarding the many wounds they'd suffered in the previous rounds.

Finally, after years of training, clawing their way through the ranks, and so much blood, sweat, and tears, Team Death Valley had made it to the top and were about to be crowned the queens of fighting. The applause was deafening, amplified by the architecture of their venue: an ancient colosseum chosen for its mysterious and grandiose history.

Ever the sportsman, Dee crossed the cracked arena floor to help her opponent back to her feet, and as she extended a bruised paw, the rift opened above her. A swirling vortex of energy split the air in the center of the arena, the intense din of battle echoing from within it. It ripped itself into existence a scant few feet above Dee.

Her claws scraped into the crumbling tiles but surprised as she was, she was pulled off her feet and sucked into the hole in the world that had been summoned by the gathering of so many skilled fighters.

Dee didn't know how long she was tumbling through space, but solid ground met her as suddenly as the vortex did. Dusting herself off, Dee found herself in a strange and unfamiliar land, which should have been cause for alarm.

But, ever the optimist, Dee was ready to meet her new challenge head-on! She just hoped someone would give her directions.

Miscellaneous Information

Weapon TypeGlove
Artist NightFaux
Kin Demon
Category Limited Edition

Limited Edition Soul Puppets are acquired by financially supporting the game and rolling LESP Tokens.

Attribute Information

HP400 EP200 STR130 VIT100
BTC WHT140 GenderF Style Hidden ?
fire50 % water-50 % light0 % dark0 %
earth40 % wind-40 %