Special Bonuses


Equipment you find might have special bonuses. Examples are buffs like STR + 4% and Venom + 15%. These can be both beneficial and harmful to your creature.

Equipment bonuses are divided into two types: Sicknesses Sickness and Buffs Buffs.


Sickness Sickness bonuses on armor will increase a creature's defense against that Sickness Sickness. On the other hand, Sickness Sickness bonuses on weapons will grant creatures the ability to attack with the Sickness Sickness. You can read this for a few examples of how it works.


Buffs Buffs offer increases to the specified attributes of the creatures wearing them. For example, a weapon with an STR Buff Buff of 4% will increase the creatures attack attribute by 4%.

Improving Your Chances

You can increase the likelyhood of discovering weapons with Sicknesses Sickness and Buffs Buffs by increasing the Player Growth Attribute Armsman Armsman. You can also add the Sicknesses Sickness and Buffs Buffs you want to equipment made at the Building Shop by using marbles.


Here is a list of the limitations of these bonuses:

  • Equipment Buffs Buffs can stack with each other.
  • Equipment Sicknesses Sickness will never be higher than 25%, but like Buffs, they do stack.