Collection Book


The Creature Collection Book, which can be found under "Player>Books>Creatures", is a public page that displays unique creatures belonging to you.

Collection Prerequisites

For a creature to count toward your completion total and be listed, it must meet the following conditions:

  • It must be a unique species.
  • It must be from one of the categories listed below.
  • It must be in your possession.
  • It must be hatched from its egg.

Remember that a creature removed from your inventory will no longer count towards your Creature Collection Book Percentage.

Categories Required for the Collection Book

  • Soul Puppet
  • Enemy
  • Extra
  • Mercenary
  • Mutant Soul Puppet
  • Nightmare Soul Puppet
  • Corrupted Soul Puppet
  • Nifle High Student
  • Pocket Nightmare
  • Evolved Pocket Nightmare
  • July Collectable
  • Fluffy Collection
  • Trash Horror
  • Gachapon
  • October Collectable

These creatures not only increase your collection book percentage, but also add to the total creatures needed to reach 100%. The more that are added, the harder 100% will be to achieve!

Categories That Offer a Collection Book Bonus

  • Limited Edition
  • Special Edition
  • Pocket Edition
  • Subscription Creature

While these creatures count toward your total, they are NOT required to achieve 100% completion of the book.

Simply collecting creatures from the categories listed under "Categories Required for the Collection Book" section can accomplish this impressive feat.


The higher the quality a creature is, the more points it will grant you toward your completed collection book.

Link Your Friends

Show off your book to friends by copying the URL. It's public so anyone can see the cool creatures you've collected!