Creature Genes


Creature genes, both good and bad, are passed on from parent to child during breeding and occur randomly otherwise in player owned creatures. A creature can be born with multiple genes.

Removing Genes

The only way to remove genes is by utilizing the gene lab in the Onyx City 2 area.

Viewing a Creature's Active Genes

You can see the effects of various genes within a creature's status menu. Click its name in camp, then click the Genes button to see a creature's available genes.

Creatures Affected

Only player creatures are affected by genes, not enemies. Also, any creature generated before March 13th 2015 may not have any genes at all. I apologize if this inconveniences you.

Acquiring Genes

Genes can be acquired in the following ways:

  1. When you find or buy an egg it can receive up to 2 random genes. This is not guaranteed, and an egg may be generated with none at all.
  2. When breeding an egg, the gene pool consists of only the parents' genes and associated favored kin genes. For example, a random Dragon kin egg you find in a dungeon could have any genes, but one bred can only have a mix of its parents genes and the Flame or Slow gene.
  3. Randomly assigning genes via the gene lab in the Onyx City 2 area, much like condition #1, as well as by doing Genetic Shifts there.

Gene Research Manual

Your Gene Research Manual is located under "Player>Books>Genes". In order to complete this book, you must currently own a creature afflicted with the respective genes.

For example, if a Thunderbird you have possesses the Thundercrack Gene, the entry will be lit up and marked as Being Researched. If you later choose to destroy that Thunderbird, the Thundercrack Gene will be faded out again and marked as Sample Unavailable within your Gene Research Manual.

The benefit of researching a gene is that if it is positive, there is a higher chance it will occur in a newly born creature's gene pool. If it is negative, there is a lower chance it will appear. Genes passed on via breeding do not benefit from this bonus.

Maximum Genes

The maximum numbers of genes a creature can have varies by the method it receives them.

  • Born in the wild, the maximum is 2 Genes.
  • Produced during breeding, the maximum is determined by the number of genes the parents have.
  • The number you can receive from Harry Shipman's shop varies in accordance to the options and items you use.
  • Using the Mad Neko's Limited Edition Skill Big Shot a creature can receive up to 4 Genes.
  • During the month of May a special option is available in Harry Shipman's Shop that allows you to get up to 6 genes.