Gift Codes

I'm Confused!

You must complete Episode 1 before processing any code you may have received. When you have successfully completed Episode 1, try using "Player>Rewards>Gift Codes" again.

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How To Get

Gift Codes can be received the following ways:

  • E-Mail updates, which can be sorted out for yourself under "Player>Account" along with any other miscellaneous promotions.
  • As rewards at our Patreon Page.

How To Use

To use your Gift Code...

On Desktop: Go to "Player>Rewards>Gift Code"

On Mobile: Go to "Player>Gift Code"

Then enter the code in the input box and click "Send Code".


Gift Codes always have an expiration date, often after the month they're added. Furthermore, there is a limitation to how many accounts can process them, so be quick about using it if you want to claim your reward!