Subscription Plan Details

We have one tier and one tier only at each Subscription website: Collector of Shinies. This tier costs $25 USD at Patreon here and at SubscribeStar there.

In this tier, you will receive a monthly Gift Code that provides the following benefits in-game:

  • A Superb Monthly Subscription Creature. Process the code fast enough, and you may even get FIRST SUPERB. These will follow a new theme each year.
  • A Rainbow LESP Token, which can be used to receive either a monthly random Subscription Creature (After at least one year of the service concludes) or a Random LESP you do not own yet.
  • +1,500 Credit.
  • +1,000 Holiday Event Points.
  • Voting Boosted within the in-game polling page results.
  • Any additional outfits associated with the subscription creature will be completely free.
  • +1 Loyalty Point.

Subscription Creatures will be limited to player transactions and the subscription services.

Please note that ownership of the Credit Shop Key Item Filthy Key may be required to view all of a Subscription Creature's sprites.

Gift Codes will expire after the month they are distributed.

Q & A

  • Will we get art previews? Sprite sheets will be provided on SubscribeStar, but never on Patreon.
  • Why does Patreon mention Pocket Nightmares instead if Puppet Nightmares? - Because Patreon's treatment of adult creators is only getting worse, therefore the page will only be associated with our SFW mirror.
  • Which service would you prefer I use? - Please use SubscribeStar if you would like to receive Sprite Sheets. They are unavailable on the Patreon service.
  • When will I be charged? - Either service used should charge you once every 30 days.
  • When is the code posted? - At 5pm central timezone on the 1st of a given month. This gives more people a shot at the 1st Superb of the Subscription Service EXCLUSIVE creature.