Stealing Skills


After learning its first five natural skills, a creature can learn no more using the natural method. However, from this point on, your creature's potential can truly rise. It can now, or at least soon, learn any normal skill you wish.

How To Steal

The following table lists the level required to steal a skill, the level of the skill that can be stolen, and the chance you have of successfully stealing a skill at that level:

Req. Level Can Steal Steal Chance
Level 50 A level 1 skill 10%
Level 60 A level 2 skill 8.5%
Level 70 A level 3 skill 7%
Level 80 A level 4 skill 5.5%
Level 90 A level 5 skill 4%

When your creature reaches the required level, a selection that allows you to steal a skill will become available to you within the creature's skill menu.


  • You cannot steal skills from bosses.
  • You cannot steal skills from any normal creature during a boss battle.
  • You cannot steal skills from customs.
  • You cannot steal skills from allies other than a battle guest without the Credit Shop Key Item Brain Drain.
  • Certain powerful skills cannot be stolen. These are marked as "Restricted" in the skill list.
  • You can only steal one skill per level for each creature unless you swap it out via the creatures status screen.

Skill Book

Stolen Skills will be added to your Skill Book.

Tips & Tricks

  • The creature that lost a skill to you will forget it, and needs to acquire another skill item to relearn it.
  • Your chance of stealing a skill is increased by the Thief Thief Player Growth Attribute and the Credit Shop Key Item Skillful Plunger .