Skill Book


Under the "Player>Books>Skills" menu players can view their current collection of stolen skills. This is a public list, so even your friends can view yours if you link them to it.


Your skill book, like other forms of storage here, has a limited number of slots. You can expand these slots with the Credit Shop item Skill Book Storage, which you can find right here.

Expanding Selection

You can expand the number of skills in your Skill Book by buying them from Skill Shops and stealing them from enemies.

Please note that adding Extra Skills to your Skill Book from within the Skill Shop will be unavailable to you until you have a creature that is level 50 or higher.

Extra Skill Tips & Tricks

  • You can freely swap around extra skills to and from a creature via its status screen.
  • Extra skills require 50% more HP & EP to use.
  • Each Extra Skill can only be assigned to one creature at a time.
  • Click a skill's magnifying glass to view extra information about it in your Skill Book.