Support Status

After financially supporting the game you will receive Support Status for at least one month. This gives you the following special privileges that many other players will not have:

  • Able to access NPCs quicker with the Town drop menu in the Desktop version.
  • Able to view remaining supplies within dungeons.
  • Able to grind up to 50 creatures at a time within Bulldozer's Shop. WARNING: Safety Lock creatures you care about within "Camp>Creatures" before using this option. Ignis is not responsible if you ignore this warning and delete half of your creatures.
  • Hotkeys for Battles, Dungeons and Dungeon Rewards that allow you to grind much faster.
  • Allowed to sell items, creatures, marbles and equips for Credit instead of coins within the auction.
  • Able to send Credit through the trading system.
  • Able to send up to 50 trade objects through the trading system.
  • Able to sell creature leasing services within Freya's Bordello for Credit instead of coins .
  • A dungeon list under information that grants you quicker access to each one, along with the following additional details: enemies encountered, enemy levels, their element, their sickness, their formations, eggs dropped, items dropped.
  • A Adventures button at the Party Setup page.
  • A Adventures button at the Party Setup page.
  • Occasional access to alpha content not available to normal users until further in the development cycle.
  • Access to many of the Mobile Quick Actions located right here.
  • Access to the Quick Adv. button in the Party Setup menu. A much quicker way to get ready for adventures.
  • Access to quicker feeding with the "Use Last Meal" button in the "Camp>Creatures" menu.
  • The satisfaction of knowing you're helping support the game's development and existence.
  • Able to tweak the Auto Battle system with the options located at "Player>Account>Auto Battle".
  • Able to Auto Run many Camp>Quick Actions that could require a lot of clicking for larger inventories.
  • Have permission to sell Customs for credit in their Custom Shop.

You can try it free for a day, if you haven't claimed it yet, right here.