Player Trading

About & Location

Users can exchange coins, creatures, items, marbles, credit and equips utilizing the trading system located under "Player>Trading".

Separate groups of items/creatures/coins/marbles/credit in a trade are hereafter refered to in this lesson as "trade objects".

System Restrictions

The trading system has the following restrictions:

  • No more than 10 trade objects can be sent to a user at a time. However, if you have Support Status , this limit is increased to 50.
  • Credit sending requires that you have Support Status .
  • If you are in a trade with a player, you must finish that trade before you can start another with him or her.
  • Players can send a maximum of two trade transactions at a time. If you wish to start another, please finish or cancel the other active ones.


The trading system has several Credit fees that you should be aware of, as listed below:

  1. The initial starting fee of 1 Credit .
  2. The fee of 1 Credit for adding a trade object.
  3. 2.5% of the Credit being sent will be taken by the system when the recipient finally claims it.
  4. 4% of the Coins being sent will be taken by the system when the recipient finally claims it.

Please note that Credit from conditions one and two will NOT be refunded if you or the other trader decides to cancel the trade.

Tax in trades contributes to the pots for the lotteries located right here.

Trading Process

The following steps must be taken in order for a trade to be completed:

  1. A user goes to the trade creation menu, initiates the trade by selecting trade objects, enters the recipient's name into the form, then clicks "Send".
  2. The sender's chosen trade objects are taken away and held by the system.
  3. The recipient is notified by the system that a trade with him or her has been initiated, and is given the option to submit trade objects as an offer or cancel the trade altogether.
  4. The recipient's chosen trade objects are then taken away and held by the system.
  5. The sender is then notified and both parties are required to approve the trade.
  6. When both have finally approved the trade, the system automatically processes it and sends out the trade objects.
  7. If either the recipient or the sender cannot claim a trade object for one reason or another, they can be claimed any time by revisiting the trade's screen.

Claiming Trade Objects

When a trade has been completed or canceled, the trade objects involved should be automatically given to the respective player accounts. Should you fail to acquire them for one reason or another, such as you haven't unlocked a creature or are too low of a level, you can probably reclaim it later.

However, beware of a Game Over, which will take away all unclaimed trade objects sent by you in canceled or unfinished trades.

Note that users should be notified via in game mail of all changes to trades they are participating in, including a Game Over that a sender might have encountered.

Game Rules

You are not allowed to abuse the trading system in the following ways:

  • Using it as a method of storage trade objects.
  • Donkeying other accounts with it. This means creating several accounts and transfering the trade objects back and forth between them as a method of cheaper storage or credit/coin transferring.

This is not a complete list of the trading rules, so it is recommended that you read the complete list of the game's rules right here.

All trades are public knowledge. Be aware that if you try to abuse trades in any way, your cheating can be observed under "Information>Transactions>Trade History" which will result in your account being penalized, subject to the decision of the staff and the severity of your attempted abuse.